Tear Soup Activity by Maria Lamarque

The book Tear Soup is a healing book on loss and the ingredients for the Tear Soup are metaphorical ingredients. I didn't make a soup with the kids, I made more of a float but I brought a pot and soup to mix the ingredients to make this "soup".

The main components of the soup are lime sherbet and lemon lime soda. Everything else can be added on and can add meaning to the ingredients. I also asked questions based on the metaphorical meanings for the ingredients while the children helped me pour it into the pot.

This is what I added to the Tear Soup and the meanings behind each food added.
-Lemon Lime Soda: tears. When you feel the need to cry, do you hold it in or do you let it out? How do you feel when you can't hold back the tears?
-Lime Sherbet and gummy worms: nature/going outside/physical activity. When you're feeling sad and down, what activity brings up your spirits?
- Gummy Bears: comfort. What item that belonged to the loved one who died gives you comfort? Or what's an item that reminds you of your loved one that gives you comfort?
- Lemons: sunshine (I had the kids squeeze lemons to squeeze sunshine in their lives). What's your happy place? If you can go anywhere in the world that makes you the happiest when you're feeling sad, where would you go?

One full gallon of lime sherbet and half a two liter of lemon lime soda can serve up to 20-24 people, in the case that you have a large group and want to hand some out.

You can add and change the ingredients. The questions can also be altered to fit the age groups since the story can be for all age groups. The kids absolutely love making this soup since it's something that they can eat and it's not a typical activity that they've ever done. They liked pouring in the different ingredients and it actually tastes really good. Best to do this activity towards the end because of the possible sugar rush.


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