Empathy Project by the Kindness Club

Dear CBC Team,

I have to share with you what a special day yesterday was...

As I mentioned to you last week, the Kindness Club at North Beach Elementary meets every month. The Kindness Club is composed of 35 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, and each month the students focus on a different charity and a different way to be kind. Yesterday’s theme was empathy and the charity chosen to highlight this character trait was the Children’s Bereavement Center. 

Megan Fitzpatrick was there to help introduce the CBC to the students - she was incredible. Megan was engaging and spoke to the idea of loss in a way that was relatable to the kids. The kids were able to briefly speak about their own loss, and you could tell that these kids really wanted to share their own experiences of loss with their peers. She spoke about sadness but moreover, about the hope that the CBC gives to each person, and, in turn, to our community. Megan, I cannot thank you enough.

After Megan’s introduction, the students made bracelets and cards that can be handed out to new participants at orientation. Chloe came up with this fabulous idea…and the kids ran with it. They each wrote a special message on their card and each bracelet had a different inspiring and comforting word on it. I have attached photos of the sentiments the kids came up with. Even at the ages of 8, 9, 10 and 11, kids really do have an incredible sense of self, caring and empathy.

Peter also had a great suggestion to hand out CBC rubber bracelets to the kids. I tied the bracelets to Elaine’s awesome race cards along with the brochure and a separate race promo code for the Kindness Club.

A day later…here I am...still amazed. I had parents coming up to me this morning talking about the afternoon their kids had and what they had learned (and they even spoke about the race!).

It was wonderful. You should all be so proud of what you do each and every day…bringing such light and love to children and their families.


Ashleigh L. 
(Former Participant and CBC Board Member)

THANK YOU KINDNESS CLUB - From all of us at the CBC


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